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Indiana Healing Eyes
Surgeries : Dec 04, July 05, Dec 05, June 06, Dec 06

This is the journey I have taken since 9th December, 2004,, when my original bleph and ptosis repair didn't go as well as planned as I used a plastic surgeon instead of an experienced oculoplastic surgeon and the 4 reconstruction surgeries I have had since, every six months for the past 2 years.

My blogs are fairly detailed, with lots of pictures showing the journey I've taken over the past 2 years. Their links are as follows:

* : 1st blog: Surgeries Dec 04, July 05 and Dec 05
* 2nd blog : Surgeries Dec 05 and June 06
* Private Blog: 3rd Blog : Surgery 18 Dec 06 : Please mail me at for details.

Indiana's Photo album

You can find me on the Eye Forum at Make Me Heal at
Some of my threads at Make Me Heal are here
and the latest live threads re my 18th Dec 06 surgery are here and here

Last updated Sat 30th Dec 2006

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